Updated: Feb 17, 2020

Meet the other LOVE of my life, TAHDIG! If you haven't experienced the delight of what is called TAHDIG, then you haven't lived. I don't mean any disrespect but you will understand what I am talking about when you have it for the first time or the millionth time. Its always a treat and it NEVER gets old. To this day, at home or at a party, when there is tahdig there is war. Yes you heard me, war, we have the tendency to forget our manners when it comes to tahdig. I think deep down we would rather have tahdig over rice, and this recipe is the perfect solution.

This is an insanely delicious, crispy bite of delight that can be consumed on its own but so much better when it is adorned with one our beautiful Persian stews. Lets dive in and find out how to make these deliciousness.

Yield: 16-18 depending on size


2 cup of Jasmine Rice

3 cups of water

1 3/4 TSP Kosher salt

Grapeseed oil/ neutral oils as needed

1/4 tsp Ground Saffron dissolved in 1 TBS warm Water


1) Clean and wash the 2 cups of rice in warm water.

***You can allow it to soak for couple of hours if not pressed for time.

2)Now bring water to a boil in a medium size saucepan and add the salt (adjust it to your taste, it may be too much or too little depending on the type of salt being used).

3)Stir in the rice and allow it cook for 5-6 minutes uncovered over medium low heat. After 5-6 minutes most of the water should have evaporated(second pic), now cover it with the lid and allow to steam for 10 minutes.

Hint: if it is still too firm after 15 minutes of cooking then add about 2TBS of water to the pan and allow it cook a little longer.

4)When the rice is soft and fluffy, scoop it out onto a sheet pan and spread it out evenly to cool off.

5)Get the saffron ready if using it at this time.

6)When cooled, add the saffron mixture if you are using it and toss to combine. The saffron gives not only color but adds flavor as well. Now get a bowl of water ready, wet your hands and start shaping the rice tahdigs into 2-3 inches in diameter and about 3/4 of an inch thick. The size of these are just a suggestion, feel free if you want to make them bigger.

7)Heat a sauté pan over medium heat and pour enough oil to cover the pan and start cooking. Turn them when they are crispy and golden brown. Add oil as needed.

8)When done place them on a paper towel lined tray to drain the excess oil.

Bon Appétit!


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