Updated: Aug 1, 2019

Kabab has got to be one of my families favorites, especially during the summer months. We at least have it once a week. The flavors of fresh ground beef, onion and saffron are whats in the foreground while there are other flavors that make the whole thing come together. Not all kababs are created equal or at least in my opinion, I guess I'm a kabab snob 😊


ground chuck (80-85%) 3lb

kosher salt 3 tsp

black pepper 1 tsp

red pepper flakes 1 tsp

medium yellow onion 1

whole milk 1/4 cup

slice of country bread/I have also used whole slices of bread as well

Optional: addition

saffron (pinch) place in a mortar and pestle and break it down and then I add a little bit of water to get it ready for use and release its beautiful color

Kitchen Tools needed:

food processor

large bowl

cutting board/knife

skewers (in the pic above)

1) gather all ingredients and kitchen tools

2)peel the onion, cut into quarters and place in the food processor and blend. Then place it in your big bowl.

toast your slice of bread to dry it up a bit ( you can even use day old bread as well).

place in the food processor with the milk and blend. place it then it the same bowl. Mix the onion and bread mixture (this is where I would add the saffron).

3) now add the rest of the ingredients to your bowl and begin to knead with your hands for about 5 minutes. This will help it become a little pasty and will help to adhere to the screwers. let it sit for 15-30 min at room temp.

4) using damp hands, divide the meat paste into 18 equal lumps about a size of an orange. Roll each into a sausage shape about 7-8 inches long and mold it firmly around the flat skewers. place the skewer on a tray and proceed with the rest. make sure its not touching the bottom of the tray, that will compromise all that hard work.

5)place in cool place in your kitchen.

6) start your charcoal at least 30 minutes prior to when you are planning to grill. wait until the charcoal is glowing evenly before you proceed to cooking your kabab.

7)arrange the skewers on the grill above the coals. you can use brick to give you a platform for where the tip of the skewers will sit on OR there are these triangular things my husband got that goes with our Weber grill( in the pic above). get creative here!!

8) after a few seconds of being on the grill, turn the meat over to the other side. this will help it attach to the skewer and prevent it from falling off.

9)total cooking time varies but it can take any where from 3-5 min. The meat should be seared on the outside and juicy on the inside.

10)to loosen the meat off the skewer: you need to loosen the top and bottom of the meat that is on the skewer, and then slide it off the skewer.


grilled tomatoes, cooked basmati rice, and a sprinkle of sumac over the whole dish (sumac gives a very tangy finish to the whole thing).


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