Panya's Kitchen is a place where I can express myself fully. It's a place where everyone's welcomed and there is always something to share. Here in my kitchen, you will always be well fed and there's always a new creation coming to life.

I am Panya if you haven't guessed by now. I am a wife and a mother to two boys. My path to food has not been a straight forward one. I started cooking while I was in college working on my finance degree. I got my degree but never really did anything with it. Shortly after graduating, I ended up managing my husband's medical office and did that for 10 years until we moved to the Kansas City area. Moving gave me the opportunity to explore my culinary passion further. I am mostly self-taught but a couple of years ago I ended up going back to school to further my learning in the baking/pastry. I got accepted to a local program and graduated with honors. I loved all the learning and found other mediums that I enjoyed working with. 

It was around the same time when I started exploring photography. I decided to take a few classes and updated my gear but knew that it was not enough. During this time, there was a lot of learning being done and confusion at the same time as to which path I should take. With the support of my family I decided to pursue both. 

Finally a breakthrough, opportunities started becoming available for food photography workshops. I jumped at the chance to make it work. I have had the blessing of attending two fantastic workshops that have helped me tremendously with my food photography. Now I am able to capture the beauty of the foods I make, which excites the artist and the creative in me.

I would love the opportunity to collaborate. It is through collaboration when new ideas come to life. 

Let's create!



So glad you are here at Panya's Kitchen!

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